Custom Name and Family Medicine Logo Wrestling Championship Belt


  • Brass / Zinc Metal Plates.
  • Genuine 2MM/4MM plates 
  • Genuine 3MM Leather Belt
  • Inner Soft Fabric Lining.
  • Snap Closer.
  • Full-length belt almost 52 inches.
  • Fits up to 48inch waist.

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Replica Ring Belts


  • Brass / Zinc Metal Plates.
  • Genuine 2MM/4MM plates
  • Genuine 3MM Leather Belt
  • Inner Soft Fabric Lining.
  • Snap Closer.
  • Full-length belt almost 52 inches.
  • Fits up to 48inch waist.
  • The Family Health Champion Wrestling Championship Belt is a unique and meaningful title belt that combines the values of family medicine with the energy and excitement of wrestling. This championship belt represents the importance of health, care, and the unity of wrestlers and their communities.The centerpiece of the belt is a prominent family medicine logo, which takes center stage on the main plate. The logo showcases a symbolic representation of a family unit, symbolizing compassion, unity, and the role of healthcare professionals in promoting well-being. The design captures the essence of care, support, and the wrestlers’ commitment to the health and welfare of themselves and their fellow competitors. The logo’s design commands attention and signifies the dedication and resilience associated with championship wrestling.

    The main plate of the belt is meticulously crafted from high-quality metal, such as gold or silver, ensuring a visually striking and durable appearance. It prominently displays the family medicine logo as the focal point, surrounded by intricate engravings and embellishments that enhance the overall design. These engravings might include medical symbols, such as a caduceus or a heart, along with patterns that represent unity and strength.

    The strap of the belt is expertly crafted from premium leather or synthetic material, providing comfort and flexibility for the wrestlers who proudly wear it. The strap is designed with a color scheme that complements the caring and inclusive theme of the championship belt, often incorporating soothing shades such as blue, green, or white. Meticulous stitching, embossing, or additional detailing may be incorporated into the strap, reflecting the craftsmanship and attention to detail put into its construction.

    On each end of the strap, there are side plates that complement the main plate’s design, offering an opportunity for further customization and personalization. These side plates can feature additional symbols of healthcare, wellness, or customizable spaces for the wrestlers’ names, slogans, or other personalized details. These side plates contribute to the overall aesthetic of the championship belt, reflecting the individuality and identity of the titleholder.

    The Family Health Champion Wrestling Championship Belt is a remarkable piece of artistry and craftsmanship, representing the values of family medicine and the importance of health and care. It serves as a highly coveted symbol of compassion and triumph, inspiring wrestlers to showcase their dedication, unity, and determination as they compete for victory in the ring. This championship belt celebrates the role of healthcare professionals and the wrestlers who embody the spirit of family medicine and community well-being.

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Additional information

Weight23 kg
Dimensions12 × 23 × 12 cm

Extra Small, Small

Plate Thickness & Material

2mm Brass, 4mm Brass, 2mm Zinc, 4mm Zinc, 24 KT Gold

Plate Design

Design 1, Design 2, Design 3, Design 4, Design 5, Design 6

Strap Color

Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Maroon


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